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Oyama has had an affinity for travel since childhood, when she learned about interesting events in world history class at school. She often expressed to her parents a desire to visit the places where they’d taken place. Since her mother worked for an airline, it was easier for her parents to actually take her and her siblings to visit many of these places. These experiences brought her history lessons off the pages of schoolbooks and into real life. Additionally, they created an incurable thirst for world travel and a calling in her to help expose others to global experiences.

As Oyama got older and continued to travel, her close friends voiced a desire to travel with her. .  Eventually, she decided to see if they were serious and planned a group trip to Thailand. Thirteen people joined her on that trip to Bangkog and Phuket in 2011, and they all expressed hopes to travel with her again.  At that moment, Oyama founded Progressive Travellers and has planned annual trips (#PTAdventures) to exotic destinations including India, Egypt and parts of sub-saharan Africa. She also creates customized experiences for those who needs expert planning and advice.  

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"Progressive Travellers is the best when it comes to travel adventures and making  memories. The attention to details, the cultural tour arrangements, and group travel made easy are services Progress Travellers provides at five-star quality.

Tenille McKinney, Repeat Customer

"Progressive Travellers planned a trip for me and five friends to South Africa to celebrate turning 40.  We would not have experienced Joburg and Cape Town on that level without PT. PT made sure we had the experience of a lifetime by combining history and fun.  Our lodgings were also pristine and top notch. The trips are customized with you in mind to give you the trip of your dreams. "

Deadra Hamilton, First Time Customer

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