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Signature Trips

Dubai & India Package
11 days, 9 nights

Experience the modern opulence  Dubai in juxtaposition to the ancient culture of India’s Golden Triangle. 

Egypt Package
9 days, 8 nights
If you’re a lover of history, this mysterious adventure is one of wonder and amazement
Brazil Package
6 days, 5 nights

Ready for a taste of South America, punctuated by Samba music, amazing views and mosaic tile streets?  Rio is a perfect choice

Our Travel Expertise

Milestone birthdays

Your crew will be excited to celebrate with you in an unforgettable destination.

Group trips

Over 10 years experience planning memorable trips for groups of 10+

romantic getaways

Connect intimately with your significant other and leave all the planning to us.  

exotic adventures

Whether traveling solo or with others, our expert advice will help you have a safe and enjoyable experience abroad.

family vacations

You and your loved ones are in expert hands, so you can relax, and let us plan a thrilling getaway you’ll never forget.

tourism board partner

We’ll work closely with your Deptartment of Tourism to encourage travel to your country or region.


"Progressive Travellers is the best when it comes to travel adventures and making  memories. The attention to details, the cultural tour arrangements, and group travel made easy are services Progress Travellers provides at five-star quality.

Tenille McKinney, Repeat Customer

"Progressive Travellers planned a trip for me and five friends to South Africa to celebrate turning 40.  We would not have experienced Joburg and Cape Town on that level without PT. PT made sure we had the experience of a lifetime by combining history and fun.  Our lodgings were also pristine and top notch. The trips are customized with you in mind to give you the trip of your dreams. "

Deadra Hamilton, First Time Customer

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